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Bright Days Ahead is not just a recruitment agency ,we are a flexible one-stop-shop Care agency offering Recruitment services, Mental health conversational Coaching Services for both Care staff, Management, and residents advocating for a good mental health within the workplace. We can offer one-to-one sessions, group sessions in any setting in between shifts either at the start of the shift or towards the end of shifts. This practice enables staff to remain energized and passionate about their roles by remaining committed to offering empathetic and compassionate care to themselves and others. We also have available an online platform accessible to your staff with over 150 CPD health care related, hospitality, and retail courses that can be done flexibly online in the comforts of their homes.  

Our courses are delivered through e-learning, webinars, and blended solutions, we ensure courses are accessible to all, helping your business/organization succeed and your staff upskills. We understand the Care hospitality and retail industries are busy sectors with early starts and late finishes, so we’ve catered our training to suit all of your needs. Through working with several other health care businesses, hospitality, and retail providers around London and Kent in the area, we discovered that staff shortages are an ever-increasing problem within the sector. However, we also understand that the quality of staff hired is directly reflective of the quality of the care offered to service users. That is why we pride ourselves on providing your staff with ongoing online flexible training both online/Face to face. We believe that ongoing exposure to work-based training is very important in growing the skillsets of all staff as well as their confidence as they deliver their services.

Our tailored made Recruitment Services.

Our services include day to day cover care staff for Residential and Nursing homes, Domiciliary care, DBS checked and specially vetted self- employed live-in carers one-off or long term staff offering compassionate and professional care for the elderly, those convalescing in their own home, and disabled adults who need extra support to live independently.

Our recruitment services are managed by individuals who themselves have been carers with over 15 years of practical experience working and placing candidates within the care sector. We provide a comprehensive and tailor-made service, with a high level of expertise and support to various client groups. Our main aim is to provide the best quality of care by focusing on critical practices that are best and demonstrating the very practice through which positive outcomes are achieved.

At Bright Days Ahead Recruitment, our objective is to improve the quality of life for our clients by striving to meet the individual needs of residents.
We achieve a high standard through but are not limited to engaging service users in an individual way that is specific to them ,advocating on their behalf if needed, promoting protection through safeguarding means, establishing empowering relationships, Conducting longer-term therapeutic work in an anti-oppressive manner and assisting residents both physically and psychologically, thereby enabling them to live a better quality of life of our clients .​We’re always fully focused on providing the best quality of care at all times, and stand by our uncompromising desire to deliver quality care and choice.
All our staff on the registration are automatically enrolled on the care certificate which makes them well equipped to deliver and achieve a high standard of care through engaging service users in an individualistic and person- centered way that is specific to them. We advocate on their behalf if and when needed by promoting protection through safeguarding means ,establishing empowering relationships, and conducting longer-term therapeutic work in an anti-oppressive manner.

We aim to support our residents both physically and psychologically enabling them to live a better quality of life.

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We offer an individual service that provides expert support in placing quality care personnel.We specialise in finding competently skilled and compliant professionals to fit a range of roles in healthcare.

We believe that the success of healthcare services starts with the skills of individual staff and here at Bright Days Ahead Recruitment we have a wealth of industry expertise within the healthcare sector in recruiting high caliber individuals, who are knowledgeable about best practices in healthcare. We provide experienced candidates for assignments in healthcare settings comprising of:

Dementia support – staff deliver individualized dementia care in a sensitive and sympathetic manner, always promoting an individual’s rights and independence. All our staff undergoes dementia Buddy awareness training. This training equips all our care staff with the skill that carers can learn more about the subject and feel more confident about caring for someone with the condition.

Mental health disabilities

We Offer one-to-one care – staff provide care based on the requirements of the individuals. Some of our staff have special skills working with learning, physical disabilities, and Autism. They encourage independence and build confidence while providing structure and routine.

Supported Living Facilities

  Residential Care Homes and Nursing – our staff engage with individuals to provide mental /physical well-being and social interaction . Individuals living in their own homes. We provide care and companionship making life in your own home enjoyable and comfortable.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide the highest quality of care that is person centered. The main focus of our philosophy is to actively encourage the well-being of the people we support. We take a holistic and whole person-centric approach in the provision of our care services by engaging various partners and stakeholders to ensure that the needs and wishes of our clients are valued and respected at all times.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our focus is to provide the highest quality of care that is targeted to the individual’s specific assessed needs.
Our Values
Integrity: By doing what we say we are going to do and being honest and straightforward with the people that we meet daily.
Transparency: Through keeping people informed and providing context to the decisions that we make, thereby ensuring a high quality of service and care
Dedication: By being committed
People Focused: