Bright Days Ahead | Mental Health Coaching Sessions


Using NLP and Time Line Therapy Techniques.

Free 30 mins session on every new referral/client

Supporting you from your own home to reshape the plan and purpose of your life.

Just like physical health, mental health is something everyone of us has.

Its now much widely talked about, but truly nothing much done to completely prevent losing loved ones from its effects.
And, just as your body can become unwell, so can your mind. Mental health does not discriminate, it can affect everyone from all walks of life and strike at any time.
 We offer online coaching sessions for individuals, via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, video chat or over the phone to help you develop a better You. To be in control of your thinking and better learn yourself.

Our sessions are completely tailored made and person centered with a completely independent, on-judgemental professional who will fully listen with anything that is a concern for you.


We deal with a range of issues;




Reduction of Empathy

COVID Anxiety

Motivational Therapy

Meeting Goals

Aligning Into Your Purpose

Staff stress burn out;



We create a safe space for schwartz rounds to encourage peer support. We can also sign-post our clients to services for further psychological interventions.


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